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The Best Beach in the World?
Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand - 23 March 2017 - At Layana Resort & Spa we are extremely proud of our luxurious accommodation, top grade facilities and impeccable service; perhaps, though, are greatest pleasure comes from seeing the reaction from first time guests when they venture on to the beach, just paces away from the resort.

“Had Phra Ae”, or Long Beach, is aptly named, comprising a cool 4 Km. of uninterrupted golden soft sands fringed with tall pine trees and natural, verdant vegetation. Probably the nicest beach on Koh Lanta (which, in our opinion, makes it the best in Thailand!), its sheer length means it never seems busy even at the height of High Season and, west-facing, is the perfect location for viewing the most spectacular sunsets that turn the sky a myriad of hues before the sun finally sinks below the horizon. It offers, too, perfect swimming conditions, gently sloping into the waters of the Andaman Sea, whilst on a clear day - and most are, during High Season - the views from Long Beach are stunning, taking in the islands of Phangna Bay, with famous Phi Phi in the distance.

No umbrellas and sun loungers clutter the sands, no beach vendors or jet skis interrupt the calm and unspoiled beauty of the beach, for which we give heartfelt thanks to Krabi’s forward-thinking authorities who have banned such usage throughout the province. Instead, our guests can, if they wish, escape the heat by relaxing at our Sundowners and Sands bars or by enjoying a light lunch on the terraces of Tides, our all day restaurant.

We truly believe that there is nowhere in Thailand, and, perhaps the World, to compare with the beauty, serenity and naturalness of Long Beach. Visit us at Layana Resort & Spa to find out for yourself - we know you won’t be disappointed.

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Long Beach - Layana Resort & Spa

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Note to editor:
Layana Resort & Spa is nestled on Koh Lanta Yai Island in Mu Koh Lanta National Park. The park is a marine archipelago, home to verdant tropical rainforests and undersea kingdoms of colourful coral rich in natural marine diversity. The resort enjoys a spectacular beachfront location on three kilometers of white sandy beach, situated about 2 hours south of Krabi International Airport. Environmentally-conscious design throughout the property results in a simple and elegant Thai atmosphere; alfresco architecture combining contemporary design to provide an open, cool and natural feel. MBK Hotel and Tourism Co., Ltd., a member of the MBK PLC Group, has a vision to create a dynamic new standard for management and services in the hotel industry with the aim to achieve the highest public recognition in every potential area, both domestically and internationally.